Kind remarks from people who knew Dr William J. Turner


Dr. Turner came to my office on 1995/12/01 when i outed myself to my company as a Male-to-Female Transsexual. i offered Dr. Turner a "speaker's fee" but he refused; however, he did allow me to pay for his travel. he was most kind and genteel. pity there aren't more Dr. Turners in the world...

while the discussion went over most people's heads, as a scientist (logician), i was able to glean some information from his lecture. it made a world of difference to me. i owe him my thanks. (i think i am test case #150 or so.)

i hope, wherever his soul went, he figures out what the deal was with that multicolored luminescent car that kept disappearing on him!

With warmest regards and eternal thanks,

Yvette Seifert Hirth
San Francisco, CA

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